Iconoclasts can be a fun game, it can also be a bleh game too!

User Rating: 6 | Iconoclasts NS

Iconoclasts is a 'Metroidvania' game with more of a focus on story than other Metroidvania games. The only problem is, the story isn't good. There are tons of text to read and NPC'S to talk to but they don't offer any side quests, just more story. For me, the story felt uninspired and boring. I actually ended up skipping most of the dialogue because it wasn't even really important. The gameplay is what you would expect from this type of game, a few guns, a wrench, upgrades and abilities. However, a lot of the schematics I received were not really that satisfying either!! You can equip 3 or more at a time and some making your wrench stronger, able to breath under water longer and so forth. Nothing really cool though. Another thing is sometimes the easiest mission turns into an annoying cluster F as you try to figure out what to do and it's not really working only to find out you were standing in the wrong spot or something very stupid like that happens. It's not completely bad though, killing enemies and exploring the world wasn't that bad. Boss fights are okay, some of them require precision timing and were awkward but for the most part it was fun.

I would recommend Hollow Knight and Guacamelee 2 over this game all day. They both are so much better than Iconoclasts. But if you are all out of other options, I mean, it's not HORRIBLE, you can find some fun here.