cool concept.

User Rating: 9.5 | ICO PS2
It's good game to play when you're alone and want to feel some emotional connection to what you're playing. If anyone watches you play it might look boring to them, but when it's you figuring out what to do and where to go... it's just a great game. It captures you and doesn't let you go. The artwork is great, the characters are well defined and even though they don't speak English it isn't hard to understand what is going on or what they are expressing. This was the second game I bought when I got my PS2 and although many games have come and gone since, I still have this and pop it in whenever I feel like cheering for someone not just to beat the game but to make it to a better life. That's what Ico is, a boy escaping to a better life and being the hero he is, he is willing to sacrifice everything to help a girl he doesn't even know escape with him.