A difficult game to like.

User Rating: 8 | ICO PS3
Ico is a game made by Team Ico and the story behind it is you are a boy who has to save this girl from a tower and escape whilist avoiding certain enemies and solving certain puzzles.


It's an adventure game were you solve puzzles and help your partner in the game. The princess Yorda can't do stuff on her own like jump big gaps or climb to high or go up chains you have to solve a puzzles that will allow her to follow you. To get her to follow you can call out to her or hold her hand.

The combat is very basic with you just mashing square to defeat the enemies that are Dark Shadow creatures that will try to capture Yorda if this happens you have to save her before she gets sucked into a black hole if that happens it's Game Over. For some it won't excite people but if you like working out puzzles and getting to the next area it is interesting.


It looks very good considering it came out in 2002 on the PS2 it looks great in HD. The voices can get a bit annoying especially when you have to call Yorda over.


Not long about 6 hours most I would say but if you like to hunt for Trophies then you shall get alot of love from this game.

Overall Opinion

An great game that might not be for everyone but it certainly is an intresting game with puzzles and it's ideas. It isn't for everyone though/

Overall Opinion 8.0