Despite it's short length, Ico proves to be a necessary experience.

User Rating: 8.5 | ICO PS2
Ico is a simple game. Simple, yet legendary. You play as a village boy who was outcast to a castle from his village for the accusation of being a demon. Here you meet a girl who was trapped within the castle, and try your best to escape. As the game progresses you become more attached to her, protecting her life as if it were your own. This is the main plot of Ico.

There are many negatives about this game: It's too short, There's no HUD(Heads-Up Display), the monsters are all the same, etc... But the the negatives actually form together to create a mystical world where you curiously explore, but also fear for you life. Without a HUD, the game becomes extremly cinematic. With all the monsters being the same, you really feel as if only two things are preventing you from escaping: the castle and what's in it.

The controls, as always, run smoothly and the camera almost always stays in the right place, no matter what you do. The graphics are very different. They make you feel almost as if you were in a dream, with it's blurred edges and bright colors. They are truly like no other, besides Shadow of the Colussus. The audio is also matched perfect for the game. There is little voice over and in-game music, but the background of the wind whistling or birds chirping completly tie the bow over this beautiful package.

Ico is one of those few extremly original games. If you have yet to play it, you need to now.