A good story line with the most disastrous graphics and motion animation ever! I hardly recommend it.

User Rating: 6 | ICO PS2
Firstly IGN then gamespot all forced me to buy this freaking title. And what I got was a super boring game which has absolutely no sense! The game has a good story line but gets extremely boring (yeah..you might quit) when you get stuck somewhere. The basic controls are easy and so very damn boring. The game has many bugs but are hidden by good camera placings and cut scenes. The characters skills are pretty interesting but at the same time later on gets boring. The game play thus is fine. As a user I hardly recommend it and acc. to me it sucks big time. Did not expect this from sony. Well whatever sony backed it up with the ultimate shadow of colossus. The game is kinda like a puzzle and its called adventurous ( though it is absolutely not). I found it absolutely boring and quit playing it after 6 or so hours. Though the game has some sloppy and some incredible moments I still wont give it more than 6