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User Rating: 9 | ICO PS2

Ico was the first game of the great director Fumito Ueda that years later would make the classic Shadow of the Colossus, Ico is a different game of Shadow, is a game of Puzzle, and you have to walk the whole game with Yorda, the game was To be released for PS1, but because of some problems, it was released on PS2 itself, the game is very beautiful, there are many beautiful places, places full of ruins, buildings, the whole game is spent in a Castle, and you have Escape along with the Yorda, and there are many enemies, which are shadows, reminiscent of those that appear in Shadow of the Colossus, the Puzzle are not so difficult, more need to use a little head, graphics are good for the time, And the plot is mysterious and full of interpretations, the soundtrack is excellent, especially that plays at the end of the game, plus the game has some moments that the trail is absent, which leaves the feeling of loneliness, but the game has some problems , The gameplay makes it very difficult to combat The shadows, and there are moments that you have to jump in a certain place, and the camera disrupts, another negative point is the camera, and Yorda is very slow, and this annoys a lot, it gets in the way a lot, but Ico is a unique experience and Is worth playing, even with the problems of gameplay and camera. Note 94