Icewind Dale: The Collection Cheats For PC

  1. Lots of cheats

    While playing, press Ctrl and tab and enter

    Effect Effect
    SW1H01 ******* Sword
    BOOK03 1 con
    CHEATERSDOPROSPER:Firstaid; 5 potions, antidotes and 1 Scroll of Stone
    CHEATERSDOPROSPER:Midas; Add 500 gold
    CHEATERSDOPROSPER:AddGoldnumber; Add gold to party
    AROW07 Arrow of dispelling
    AX1H01 Battle Axe
    BOLT02 Bolt 1
    BOOT01 Boots of agility
    BULL02 Bullet 2
    CLCK02 Cloak of Protection 2
    BOW01 Composite Long bow
    CHEATERSDOPROSPER:CreateItem"XXXX"; Create the items below, with their value replacing XXXX
    DAGG03 Dagger 2
    DART02 Dart 1
    CHEATERSDOPROSPER:Exploe Area; Full map
    PLAT05 Full plate mail 1
    BRAC06 Gauntles of Ogre Power
    BELT02 Gold Girdle
    HALB02 Halberd 1
    XBOW03 Heavy crossbow of accuracy
    HELM03 Helm of Glory
    MISC35 Horn Coral Gem
    SHLD06 Large Shield 1
    BLUN05 Mace 1
    CHAN06 Mithril Chainmail 4
    AMUL01 Necklace full of missiles
    POTN03 Potion of the Hill Giants Strength
    SCRL04 Protection from cold
    CHEATERSDOPROSPER:SetCurrentXPnumber; Put characters to number of XP Points
    CHEATERSDOPROSPER:Hans; Put party to pointer
    RING01 Ring
    SCRL1Q Scroll of Vampiric touch
    SW2H01 Two handed sword
    WAND02 Wand of fear
    HAMM03 War Hammer 2

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy