A decent game geared towards kids. A great buy for getting your little brother or sister into gaming!

User Rating: 7 | Ice Age 2: The Meltdown GC
When my little brother wanted Ice Age 2, I was pretty skeptic. I know that movie based games are generally pretty bad, and I thought that, it being based off of a kid movie, would be an especially bad game. But, he really wanted it, so he got it. After watching him play it, and playing through it myself, I'd have to say that this is actaully a decent game, and a great game for getting your little siblings into the great life of video games.

The gameplay is pretty simple. You read what the characters are saying, and then play through the level finding the necessary items and furthering the story. You play as scrat during most of the levels and then some of the main characters through certain parts. You don't play as the main charcters too much, which kind of sucks, but that's okay... the levels that they are in are pretty fun. The parts that they show of the movie are cool too, and the jokes are pretty funny.

The graphics are okay too. it's a kid's geard game so don't expect much. The sound is decent with a lot of dialogue and sounds of animals around you and whatnot. Really no replay value though, and it is kind of short. This is, however, really great for kids, and decent if you decide to help your little brother or sister while they play through the pretty easy game.

Check this game out for your little siblings or something... I'm pretty sure that they are going to love this game. It's pretty good stuff. Just a little too short and too easy for a regular older gamer, but great for a newer younger one.