beautiful world, not so beautiful style. ^_-

User Rating: 6.5 | I of the Dragon PC
I of the Dragon is one of the most beautiful, yet amateur games you could find at any gaming store. The set-up of the game is wonderful, and the graphics are outstanding for this new company... and yet they didn't manage to pull off a really captivating storyline. Even more so, you can get confused pretty easily in this game cause of the lack of instructions for each chapter. All you do in this game is fly around as a dragon (of your choice) and kill and eat monsters. They multipy extremely quickly so after defeating like 6 monsters after 10 minutes you end up having to fight over twice that many. The fighting is irritating and all you do is go from one town to the next, either saving a town from rampaging monsters, or building your own with a click of a button. And lastly, the camera view stinks. At some points you play as human, and talking to people is really annoying. The camera will randomly cut off the character's head or you won't see where your going and will hit a hill or mountain.
So in other words the only thing I liked about this game was the music and the graphics. Enough said..............................