For Dragon or RPG fantatics only.

User Rating: 5.2 | I of the Dragon PC
This game is ambitious and I had high hopes for it when I saw the opening menu. All the detail was impressive but the game play is ... strange to say the least. The control has a steep learning curve and its hard to really feel like you are controling a dragon. More like something that tell to move and randomly kill some really strange ((but kinda cool )) creatures, save humans, and build towns with magic ((useing monsters souls. Try to figure that out )) Over all I wouldnt buy this game unless it was in teh bargain bin. And its really frustrateing because I am now stuck on part of the game, the in game help doesnt help at all really so Im stuck and its just aggrivateing. Even worse, the one guide I find doesnt have a section for the ending missions of the game. Truely annoying. Pros:
+ Ambitious
+ Unique game elements
+ Cool monsters
+ Cool spells

- Controls are strange and clumbsy
- Do the monsters ever end?
- I wanted to eat the elk looking thing not the human dammit!
- Truely aggrivateing moments when you are left scratching your head

? Why the camera turn 180 degrees when you issue the order to move forward?
? Why is it the bad guys knights can kill four of mine before finally dieing?
? Why cant the **** Reapers stay out of the way when Im killing stuff!
? Harvest monster souls to build town?