Good idea, amusing for a moment, but gets boring in a few hours... It's an average game.

User Rating: 6.1 | I of the Dragon PC
The I of the Dragon may be an amusing game for a few hours however, it slowly gets very boring over time. The I of the Dragon allows you to play as a dragon, either fire, ice, or dark. Each of these dragons has their own strengths and weaknesses and the ability to cast various spells. At the start of the game, you will notice that the menu screens have no words, except the title. You can’t really tell what button does what. You will have to move your mouse over each button to see what does what.
I of the Dragon do feature many unique spells that you could try, but there are certain spells that can only be cast at yourself, so why the spell can’t be instantly cast as soon as you click it?
The gameplay itself is a little slow. When they say the necromancer was slow, they mean WAY SLOW. It’s like playing a flying snail. To get the right speed you want, you can either set it to 200%, or up your speed at least above 120.
Missions are very repetitive. There is only 3 things to keep in mind. Kill, destroy lairs, and build towns. Occasionally, you have to get artifacts, or upgrade your town; otherwise it’s just three things; kill, destroy lairs, and build towns.
Graphics are ok, but the biggest drawback is the sound, voice acting, and the music, mainly the voice acting. The dialogue and the subtitles don’t match, so it’s kind of confusing cause you don’t know whether to read or to listen. The worst voice I’ve ever heard is from the magician, in a mission he asked you to intercept a caravan, if you fail, he will come to you and say, “No, no, they got away...” he was talking as if he didn’t care whether they got a way or not.
The cameras are not the best and completely useless during a mission when you play as a human. You won’t be able to see what’s going on with all the trees in your face during a human mission, besides, I don’t think there should be a human mission. First person camera is the worst.
There is a bug I encountered. When I picked up a dead creature, then press the eat button, some magicians came to claim its soul while the dragon was still eating, then, the game crash.
The only thing I like about this game is the fact that you can play as a dragon, and the ability to cast all the mad spells (I like volcano the most), other than that, there’s not much of a reason to get this game.
Bottom line is if you can totally ignore all of its bad points, then this is you’re your game. If you can’t take bad music and horrible voices that don’t match the subtitles, save your money for something else.

NOTE: Even if you like dragons, you will get bored very quickly...