..it just gets boring to quickly

User Rating: 5.5 | I of the Dragon PC
here's how it goes...
u play it for about an hour and ur like hmm this could be something nice
then the constant killing of ur often re-spawning enemy monsters kills it
...all u do basically is fly that dragon kkill the monsters capture that city and finally go to another land and do the same over and over again
if even if it's a budget price(which i think it is) it's not worth it..
the story line is just horrible
everytime u win a land this guy comes on a carpet(trying to be aladdin here) and tells u there's this base or a big fat monster in another land has to be destroyed and to make matters worse u can't even hear what he's saying unless u turn the volume to full...the only thing good about this game is the idea of improving ur dragon...but with no storyline that actually gets ur attention...FORGET IT
my advice save that money to go and buy a bigger game (half life 2, battlefield 2, or elder scrolls:oblivion)