Not bad At all

User Rating: 7 | I Am Setsuna PC

I enjoyed this game but there was 2 things i think needed to be fix/added. Number 1 and the main one was save points it took forever to get to one so what should of been a hour play through on a sunday night turns into a 3 hour play through as you play through the game until you find the one golden save point but in same ways that can help with being immersed with the game but not always and it went a bit over board with that. Number 2 The time it takes to finish the game i did it in just under 19 hours which is very short for a JRPG so i think they should of added a couple more towns before the end and maybe a couple more boss fights. There were a couple other things that i thought they could improve on but they were the main ones. Next i'm going to talk about my 3 favourite things about the game. Number 1 the story very well written and at some points it brought a tear to my eye the story is filled with surplices and sad moments but i loved the journey the hole way. Number 2 the music and sound effects 90% of this games music and sound effects were done by one piano which is amazing he really helps with the story and i would recommend buying the sound track for it so it was very well done. Number 3 is graphics/visuals it was very well done i love how when your in the snow you make trails i also love how they make every town feel a bit different just by what it looks like i thought that was very good as well. In the end i give this a 7/10 Its good