Hyperdimension Neptunia Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Trophies

    Used Explore to advance the story. Actively Literate
    CPU Black Heart joins the party. Black Heart
    Encountered IF. Blind Ambush
    Gust joined the party. Business-Savvy Alchemist
    Connected Combos using Combo Link. Chain Combo
    Found a hidden treasure. Chest Stalker
    Fought in battle as a CPU. Console Battle
    Purchased something at the Shop. Cracking the Wallet
    Released Histoire's seal. Data Recovery
    Assembled the legendary weapon, Dual Revolver. Dual Revolver
    Reached 100 HIT with your original Combo. Eternal Combo Campion
    Arrived at Lowee. Fairytale
    The truth about Arfoire is revealed. Gamindustri's Greatest Threat
    CPU Green Heart joins the party. Green Heart
    Obtained all content. Histoire Enthusiast
    But it was the best demo ever. It's Just a Tech Demo.
    You used your synthesized item during battle. Item Making
    Obtained the Key Fragment in Lastation. Lastation Key
    Obtained the Key Fragment in Leanbox. Leanbox Three-Six-Key
    Obtained the Key Fragment in Lowee. Lowee Key
    Arrived at Leanbox. Medieval Fantasy
    Nisa joined the party. Modest-Breasted Heroine
    Lured out a monster. Monster Huntress
    Been everywhere in Gamindustri. Multi-Platform
    Destroyed an obstacle. Nep-Nep Rocket
    Cleared the main scenario. Nepgagaga Complete!
    Neptune returns to the party. Neptune and the Seven Herbs
    Started your journey in Gamindustri. Neptune: Engage!
    Helped a wounded ally during battle 20 times. Nurse
    Changed your processor unit. Overclocked
    Returned to Planeptune. Phutristic Phantasy
    Obtained S Rank in all Time Challenges. Speedy Hunter
    Arrived at Lastation. Steam Punk
    Defeated the monster in town. Super Nep-Nep Galaxy
    Switched with back-row members in battle 50 times. Switch
    Changed your formation. Teamwork
    Cleare the tutorial dungeon. The 8-bit Experience
    You've been diagnosed with Neptunia. The Master System
    Had your first battle on your new journey. The Quest is Underway
    Defeated Arfoire with the power of all CPUs combined. The Real Arfoire Stands Up
    Changed your accessory. Trendy
    Assembled the legendary weapon, Trinity Blade. Trinity Blade
    Assembled the legendary weapon, Trust Spear. Trust Spear
    Created an original Combo. Virtually Fighting
    CPU White Heart joins the party. White Heart
    Assembled the legendary weapon, Wisdom Bow. Wisdom Bow

    Contributed by: Guard Master, Saikyo Mog