just how a collection should be

User Rating: 9 | Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition PS2
This game really is the cream of the cake of the street fighter 2 bumper pack. It has everything you ever need. All the 5 game techniques that were used that are Super and Super Turbo, which use all 16 characters, Champion and Turbo which use 12 characters and even the Normal version which uses the 8 original characters.

The way that makes this game so great is that if you choose a certain fighting style e.g. Turbo, the character you choose is set to that version. So lets say Ken under Turbo. his shoryuken isn't flammable, he sounds like you are actually playing the original Turbo game which was released in 1992, the character image is exactly the same as is the the damage done after the round is finished. Then you pick Ken under Super. The character image has changed, his shoryuken is now flammable, and he has a different voice similar to the Super Street fighter 2 released in 1997.

The only drawback however is the soundtrack they used. If you compare CP1 soundtrack with the music from either the Champion edition or Turbo, they sound alike but it's not brilliant, the same applies to the comparison between CP11 and the Super Street Fighter 2 series, it sounds alike but once again its not brilliant.

Also a notible flaw is how the opponents are in Super Turbo version only, which is ok if your playing as Champion Ryu, just so you can see the changes made as the game evolved, but still it would have been nice if you could choose the style of your opponents

Overall then, if you enjoyed the games then this bumper collection really is worth the money. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran, you will definatly get the fun you ask for