Hydlide Cheats For NES

  1. Free Magic

    In the desert, destroy three sandworms in a row with one wave of magic power, and a set of footprints will appear in the sand. For a short time, you'll be able to use magic without depleting magic power.

    Contributed by: Flying Omelette 

  2. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    RMQMLJVKV3W2PNG5 Final Boss
    798BLNR7L7BDHN75 Stage 1
    BGJM3VRQ88RGGL50 Stage 10
    H48P7BKQGRWPKN00 Stage 11
    XHPBJBPPB1K5KJM4 Stage 12
    N49P89JNH2HD7M11 Stage 13b
    V5YMN8VJJBH52BN7 Stage 14
    9BLGBPRKB9NPDR31 Stage 15
    PBPKKJKM68RD6VG2 Stage 16
    Y9VNHNLHH9XXD8RL6 Stage 17
    T9V8GBVQ83X9JBN5 Stage 18
    H4QMLBQNH7B6BN73 Stage 19
    K2GN9PDH08MPQ580 Stage 2
    BH3H6PDB79PN8HM3 Stage 3
    56BM5H8HM5BDHK11 Stage 4
    KGTLMP8DDB0KQLL6 Stage 5
    DDXGLKXHQ869RTG6 Stage 6
    8DKKDHQ5H935R4D0 Stage 7
    RDVMMGV6Q7WHWDM6 Stage 8
    JGPMHNX8L9YGP6B5 Stage 9

    Contributed by: Flying Omelette, Retro 

  3. Various Passwords...

    Enter the following at the PASSWORD screen...

    Effect Effect
    QHTRGMRLRPGDYMD6 Start at final boss's room with max life, level, and magic
    WMRRBHLNX3TDJ8N6 Start game at final area with Max. Life/Max. Strength/Max. Magic/All Equipment/All Fairies rescued
    P6M9L7GBJ6PQJKH7 Start new game with Max. Life/Max. Strength/Max. Magic
    RJPMBKJNL64GMK71 Start new game with Max. Life/Max. Strength/Max. Magic/All Equipment

    Contributed by: MrPopsicle43, Aether Knight 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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Hydlide Cheats For MSX

  1. Misc. Passwords (MSX1 Version)

    Effect Effect
    IKT0XC0DJB0 In Front of The Last Boss
    3HIUBJDIE0A Start With Max Levels

    Contributed by: ReyVGM