Humans Must Answer Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Kill The Starbound Penguin Birds Of A Feather
    Defeat Sheriff Gilgamesh But Did You Shoot The Deputy?
    Take the Chicken's Way Out BWAK! BWAK! BWAK!
    Upgrade any weapon to max level Cheep Shot
    Beat 1 level to 100% (Gold status) Cracking
    Beat 5 levels to 100% (Gold status) Egghead
    Obtain the support weapon Fowl Play
    Collect 25% of the golden eggs Fry Up
    When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all Fuster Cluck
    Beat 15 levels to 100% (Gold status) Hard Boiled
    Collect 75% of the golden eggs Omlette
    Pass border patrol Over Easy
    Beat 10 levels to 100% (Gold status) Pecking Order
    Collect 50% of the golden eggs Poached
    Collect 10% of the golden eggs Protein Shake
    Defeat DNA Scrambled Circuits
    Beat 20 levels to 100% (Gold status) Shell Shocked
    Collect 100% of the golden eggs Sunny Side Up
    Defeat The Martian Drill Laser Take A Chill Pill
    Defeat The Ankh The Key Of Life
    Die as a hero, live as a villain Time For The Chop

    Contributed by: Guard Master