User Rating: 8 | Hue PS4

Hue is available on multiple platforms; I have personally played the PS4 and PS Vita versions, which feature the cross-save function so gameplay can be continued on either device.

The gameplay mechanic involves platforming run and jump action in an initially monochromatic environment. As the game progresses, individual colours begin to appear in the game. The introduction of each colour reveals objects and enironmental elements that were previously unseen, and thus expands the player's ability to reach new areas of the map, and parts of levels that were previously unreachable.

There are also puzzle elements. The player is able to access a colour selection wheel at any time using the right-hand control stick. This alters the environment in real-time, conveniently slowing the action as the player selects a colour. Puzzles are solved by working out which colours to select and when. The puzzle/action elements are blended perfectly, with the level design taking full advantage of the game mechanincs. Each section that has to be passed requires a combination of thinking through the possibilities, careful timing, and manual dexterity, so you'll find yourself at times aiming for a platform that is invisible, then using the colour wheel (which slows time for you) to make those platforms visible before you land on them. Get the timing wrong and you'll miss the platform.

The puzzle and platforming skill requirements increase as the game adds more selectable colours to the colour wheel, but the challenge never feels insurmountable, as the learning curve is nicely balanced.

The voice overs, in-game music and ambient sound complement the story nicely, and enhance the wistful feel of the storyline perfectly. The story itself is a whimsical and intriguing one which draws you in, giving you that satisfying feeling of wanting to know what's coming next.

As an addition to the platform/puzzling genre which already features games like Braid and Thomas Was Alone, Hue is a worthy entry, offering clever level design based around what is technically a familiar game mechanic, but still manages to feel new and fresh. Fans of this game genre are unlikely to be disappointed.