Piece of "waste of time"

User Rating: 1 | How to Survive PC

Really this game is the worst survival i ever played.

I was looking for some survival similar to ubisoft's survival. and I found that gamespot gave a score of 7 to a game like this. I felt really offended and nose to think about this page. this great page that was decaying with his analyzes these last years like for example giving him score to games like Minecraft that became of the overnight. INCOMPREHENSIBLE.

This game is not any survival. IT IS NOT WORTH THEIR GENRE. It has many errors and makes little sense.

Not to mention that it is not even of the genre terror.

They have copied the "fallout" guidance system that I think is a shame.

The management system is very bad. rough and even shameful. It takes up a lot of video memory for the HORRIBLE graphics it presents.

better not follow.