Game crashes & BSOD

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Glad to see that I am the first one to post on this so I'll get stuck in. "Gig"

If anyone else has this problem please do not hesitate to post as 505 games has absolutely zero idea of how to fix this issue at the moment.

After a quick sale on steam and a few moments for the game to download, my GF and I were geared up to play how to survive!

Then . . .

. . .the unthinkable happened.

BSOD! as if the game had immediately turned it's nose up at my hardware and insulted me with this blue screen of torment!

After several hours of trawling minidump files and updating drivers, investigating whether my ssd's firmare was incorrect and making sure that my graphics drivers were at the latest version. I was still presented with the bsod 0xf4 code with the 00000000003 parameter local id 2057. This suggests a driver problem usually memory/storage or graphics card driver issue.

Only one game I have out of the 94 in my steam library crashes so it has to be the game right?

I made the phone call to 505 games technical support team who asked me for my dxdiag files, msinfo32 files and I added the error dump files just for good measure. They told me that there is no way of telling what could be wrong without looking through them. Fair enough.

I will keep posting as and when I hear back from 505 games. If anyone else has this issues ^POST^

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@jmbowe: Temp fix found!

There is an issue with this game and the way steam interacts with different storage drives. Complicated?

Not really, for some bizarre reason the game does not cope well with switching between different drives to access game data after steam has completed the launch process, likened to a power drop bug on some older asus motherboards when using a ssd, this bug is very similar and the fix is simple, uninstall steam if your boot drive and game storage drives do not match i.e. c:\ must be the file path for both game files and steam launcher or steam.exe. In addition to this be sure to update all of the relevant drivers to their latest versions.

I have tried to replicate this problem and so far it only occurs on windows 7 - 64bit sp1 6.1.7601 and the bug occurs when using ocz vertex 2 with "sandforce chip" this bug can be fixed with a quick firmware update. graphics driver update and a stable motherboard bios update would not hurt either. If you are overclocking, stop! bsod and overclocks do not mix well. Make sure you do a full diagnostic as this may not be a game bug and could be actual memory based error in your system, run memtest ,chkdsk and also run sfc.exe both as administrator in command prompt to be sure.

I don't like to be a fear monger, better safe than sorry.