Playstyle/Grade system questions

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Hey everyone, been playing for a little bit and I'm having a good time with this game.

I seem to only be able to get C or C+ for the end of each chapter which I'm unsure on how to improve. I'm always tagged as having a 'generic' playstyle, even if I switch my use of weapons or use more close combat. So here are my questions:

1. How can I NOT have a 'generic' playstyle?

2. What does the 'mobility' and 'flexibility' rating pertain to?

3. Is it possible to stealth your way completely in a level?


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I'm not sure either but if I had to guess mobility or flexibility could be running up and killing gunwielding baddies. One of the best ways to improve you score is probably to do a lot of combo's. The better you get the faster you play, right now I can nearly combo an entire floor together in ~20 seconds, it's a huge adrealine rush :D
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Focus on more stealth and use the mask depending on each mission situations, i usually switch mask after playing a mission a little bit and i know what type of ability i will be needing. I always get B+ or A- _________________________________________________________ Hotline Miami | Hotline Miami Walkthrough