Hot Wheels: Ultimate Racing Cheats For PSP

  1. Unlockable vehicles.

    These are the vehicles that can be unlocked through the game modes. I still haven't listed the vehicles that can be unlocked through collect mode, but its only three.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Finish Challenge Turbo stage Blastous
    Finish High Performance stage Brutalistic
    Finish Extreme Racing stage Bully Goat
    Finish Ultimate Challenge stage BurlEsquE
    Finish Challenge Turbo stage Cul8r
    Finish Ignition stage Diesel Boy
    Finish Ultimate Challenge stage Firestorm
    Finish High Performance stage Formul8tor
    Finish Burning Wheels stage Itso Skeenie
    Complete Survival: hard difficulty Low-C CT
    Finish Burning Wheels stage Mid drift
    Finish Ignition stage Paradigm Shift
    Finish Extreme Racing stage Pharoahdox
    Finish Ultimate Challenge stage Preying Menace
    Complete Survival: medium difficulty Quad Rod
    Complete Survival: easy difficulty Symbolic

    Contributed by: gelopicio