HSG:OT goes RPG!

User Rating: 8.9 | Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee PSP
This is the 3rd Hot Shots Golf (HSG) game that I have played and this has become one on my favorite series. So my review will compare this installment versus HSG Fore and HSG3. HSG:OT uses the Role Playing Game (RPG) of building up the attributes of the golfers. So the more you play, the better the playable golf characters. But it does not build up the attributes where the game becomes too easy. And as you gain loyalty with each golfer, new trick shots and power ups are gained. I also like all the unlockables this game has that are not limited to a certain character. The combination are endless for dressing up your character. I also like the putting challenge mini game in this edition. This allows you to pick how hard or easy of putt you want to attempt. And you are awarded more points for choosing (and holing out) a longer putt. Unlike the mini golf game in HSG Fore, this challenge has replay value. You will have a choice of 6 courses. They range from very easy (great for the beginner) to very hard (challenges the HSG veterans), even with full attributes. The graphics (as with all the prior HSG games) are just brilliant. The three downsides are: No internet online capabilites, No pass-n-play (two people play a game on the same PSP) and no physical caddies (you do get voice caddies). Overall, this is a very good and deep game. The unlockables (66 on the gold level) will keep you playing for a long time. I hope the next console version of HSG will use the RPG features that were included in Open Tee.