A great golf game but the style may not be to everyones liking.

User Rating: 8.8 | Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee PSP
First, can I say that I love this style of game. The cute cartoon characters and the big bold colours, in my opion, give this usually stuffy game a more appealing outlook.

This game really has been put together well. The characters, items and courses all look great and the animation is fantastic. The actual gameplay is very good and requires a modest amount of skill coupled with good reactions.

After a while you get to know when to hit the ball and with what club and the results start to fly in. As you progress through the game you get to win golfing items and clothing that when you wear it yourself, improves the stats on your own golfer.

I have actually managed to finish this game and it is now in that tiny hall of fame where only a few other games sit. These are the games that I have actually enjoyed enough to have wanted to finish and have actually completed to the bitter end.

So grab a copy of this and get a round or two in, you will not be disappointed.