Hot Shots Golf Fore! Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Ending Credits #1

    To get the ending credits #1 movie you play play through and defeat characters in Vs. mode until you come to "Z" defeat him and you will get the movie.

    Contributed by: Menji 

  2. Different Types of Courses

    Whenever you get birdies, eagles, double eagles, and hole-in-ones, the first time you play the level with one of those results, you get "Course Experience". When holes of any given course are beaten, you'll unlock different modes (Back Tee, Mirrored Mode, and Advanced Mode).

    For those who don't understand what these modes do:

    Back Tee, like in traditional golf, means that you start even further away from the hole.

    Mirrored Mode, obviously, means that the levels are inverted. So if you originally hit a ball to the left on a given hole, you hit it right on the same hole in Mirrored Mode.

    Advanced Mode makes the game become like traditional golf! Watch out, as there is not much of the HUD available, like the Power Bar isn't available.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat all eighteen (15) holes, birdie or better, on back tee. Advanced Mode
    Beat all eighteen (15) holes, birdie or better, on regular tee. Back Tee
    Beat at least nine (9) holes, birdie or better, on regular tee. Mirrored Mode

    Contributed by: AskaLangly 

  3. Versus Mode Characters

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Defeat Allan in Vs. Mode Allan
    Defeat Reira Play as Beida in versus mode
    Defeat Masashi and Shirubia Play as Buronzo and Sha-ku in versus mode
    Defeat Purin by 4 UP Play as Dogi in versus mode
    Defeat Marion Play as Furukon and Ni-na in versus mode
    Defeat Sakura Play as Garu-da in versus mode
    Defeat Sha-Ku Play as Guroria in versus mode
    Defeat Purin and Gonzou Play as Hitomi and Sakura in versus mode
    Defeat Jak Play as Jak in versus mode
    Defeat Guroria Play as Ku-ga and Reira in versus mode
    Defeat Buronzo Play as Marion in versus mode
    Defeat Garu-da Play as Musashi in versus mode
    Defeat Ratchet Play as Ratchet in versus mode
    Defeat Hitomi Play as Rin in versus mode
    Defeat Ku-ga Play as Ro-zu in versus mode
    Defeat Rin Play as Shirubia in versus mode

    Contributed by: Menji, lemonpie, the yugi ghost 

  4. Alternate outfits for vs mode characters

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat any character by 2 up in vs. mode, then beat them again in hard mode. Note: Jak and Ratchet do not have second outfits. Alternate Outfits

    Contributed by: thotd 

  5. Unlockable Characters

    In versus mode, defeat the character listed by 1up or better to plays as them in Vs. Mode

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Defeat Brad in Vs. Mode Brad
    Defeat Chaos in Vs. Mode Chaos
    Defeat Emma in Vs. Mode Emma
    Defeat Falcon in Vs. Mode Falcon
    Defeat Hubert in Vs. Mode Hubert
    Defeat Kamala in Vs. Mode Kamala
    Defeat Lin in Vs. Mode Lin
    Defeat Louise in Vs. Mode Louise
    Defeat Maya in Vs. Mode Maya
    Defeat Misaki in Vs. Mode Misaki
    Defeat Renee in Vs. Mode Renee
    Defeat Sam in Vs. Mode Sam
    Defeat T-Bone in Vs. Mode T-Bone
    Defeat Tiffany in Vs. Mode Tiffany
    Defeat Toni in Vs. Mode Toni
    Defeat Z in Vs. Mode Z
    Defeat Zeus in Vs. Mode Zeus

    Contributed by: Menji 

  6. Misc. Passwords

    Go to the password screen from the options menu. The following items will be unlocked for purchase in the shop:

    Effect Effect
    WXAFSJ Capsule 1
    MJLJEQ Capsule 10
    MHNCQI Capsule 11
    OEINLK Capsule 2
    WFKVTG Capsule 3
    FCAVDO Capsule 4
    YYPOKK Capsule 5
    GDQDOF Capsule 6
    HHXKPV Capsule 7
    UOKXPS Capsule 8
    LMIRYD Capsule 9
    MKJEFQ Price Reduction
    XKWGFZ Tourney Rank Down
    NFSNHR Unlock 100t Hammer Club
    REZTWS Unlock all golfers
    XSREHD Unlock Aloha Beach Resort
    CRCNHZ Unlock Bagpipe Classic
    YFQJJI Unlock Beginner's Ball
    DLJMFZ Unlock Big Air Club
    CRCGKR Unlock Bir Air Ball
    WVRJQS Unlock Blue Lagoon C.C.
    XCQGWJ Unlock Caddie Clank
    WSIKIN Unlock Caddie Daxter
    MZIMEL Unlock Caddie Kayla
    LNNZJV Unlock Caddie Kaz
    MYPWPA Unlock Caddie Mochi
    WRHZNB Unlock Caddie Simon
    UTWIVQ Unlock Caddie Sophie
    OQUTNA Unlock Dream G.C.
    UITUGF Unlock Everybody's CD - Voice Version
    UEROOK Unlock Extra Pose Cam
    RJIFQS Unlock Extra Swing Cam
    DPYHIU Unlock Extra Video
    DIXWFE Unlock Heckletts
    PAJXLI Unlock HSG CD/Music
    FKDHDS Unlock HSG Rules
    DJXBRG Unlock Infinity Ball
    RZTQGV Unlock Infinity Club
    MQTIMV Unlock Landing Grid
    ZKJSIO Unlock Menu Character Brad
    LWVLCB Unlock Menu Character Phoebe
    AVIQXS Unlock Menu Character Renee
    YKCFEZ Unlock Mike Costume
    RVMIRU Unlock Mini-Golf 2 G.C.
    BBLSKQ Unlock Nanako Costume
    GJBCHY Unlock Phoebe Costume
    VZLSGP Unlock Pin Hole Ball
    DGHFRP Unlock Pinhole Club
    PVJEMF Unlock Replay Cam A
    EKENCR Unlock Replay Cam B
    ZUHHAC Unlock Replay Cam C
    JAYQRK unlock Sidespin Ball
    ZKOGJM Unlock Silkroad Classic
    ARFLCR Unlock Suzuki Costume
    XNETOK Unlock Turbo Spin Ball
    UIWHLZ Unlock United Forest G.C.
    RODDHQ Unlock Wallpaper Set 2
    LIBTFL Unlock Western Valley C.C.
    YZLOXE Unlock Wild Green C.C.
    BVLHSI Upgrade 100t Hammer Club to mid-level
    JIDTQI Upgrade Big Air Club from mid-level to top level
    TOSXUJ Upgrade Big Air Club to mid-level
    EIPCUL Upgrade Infinity Club from mid-level to top level
    WTGFOR Upgrade Infinity Club to mid-level
    RBXVEL Upgrade Pin Hole Club from mid-level to top level
    TTIMHT Upgrade Pin Hole Club to mid-level
    DTIZAB Upgrade Turbo Spin Club from mid-level to top level
    NIWKWP Upgrade Turbo Spin Club to mid-level

    Contributed by: cheeseman222, beastiecube, jb0x 

  7. Misc. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get a score of at least 120 on Mini Golf 1 Minigolf 2

    Contributed by: thotd 

  8. Unlock Regis

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Emma in any difficulty by 4-up in Vs Mode Play against Regis
    Beat Regis in Vs Mode Play as Regis

    Contributed by: thotd 

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