Best horse game for daddy's little girl

User Rating: 8 | Horse Life DS
Why do 8-year-old girls love horses? I don't want to think about it too hard - ask Dr Freud perhaps.
Anyway, Horse Life is the best horse simulation for little girls IMHO. The graphics are really well done. The horses are beautifully animated (for the DS) and a good deal of thought has gone into the gameplay. The method for controlling the horse successfully treads the line between too difficult and mindless screen tapping.

There's probably not as much variety in terms of "customising" your horse as other similar games but this one feels more like a simulation than a game in many respects.

It also skilfully taps into the mind of little girls and their motivations, such as with the character of Melanie, the snobbish brat who is your nemisis in the competitions. There's also the kindly but sometimes stern grandfather and the cute and supportive boy (not sure I approve of that one).

The only disappointment is the lack of a multiplayer mode.