The game which made me wonder/explore for 2 long years!

User Rating: 9.5 | Horizons: Empire of Istaria PC
A good friend of mine called me so enthousiastic as i never heared him before. He tolled me he went to a cheap shop that day and bought an amazing online game for just $5! Next day and night he spend all time playing and leveling and then he called his friends.. To discribe it this way its the perfect way to tell about this highly addictive game. I played more MMORP games, and never I found a community so good and players so nice. When I played the game for some months (over 8 hour/day) I had the feeling I could completely trust over the half of the players, better even then some in real life. You say thats pure the players, but its more the ambiance of the game to call that kind of players. There are tons of little quests, and each month an ' event'. There is no main quest but even if you feel you have nothing to do there are always some chat-channels where the people talk about in and outgame topix.
There are around 20 schools (classes) in adventure and around 10 in ' craft' (job/work) and another 10 in building.
'Normal' classes like paladin, ranger, but also some more particular schools like ' spirit disciple'. Thats a monk who uses the power of evil to also cast some spells.
Beside fighting there is another very big thing to do, CRAFT!
around 99% of in-game items are made by people self, you have to level blacksmith to make tools/weapons, fletcher to specialize in staffs/bows. The more trees you cut down, logs you make, boards you make and staffs you make of them, the higher you level becomes and the more forms you can scribe.. You see the point to keep playing this game here :-)
Beside the crafting of items (weapons/tools/funstuf) there is also work to do on a plot of land you can buy (with ingame gold). On the plot of land you can make silo's, workshops, storage, or a shop for yourself. Also other things like libraries (to store forms) and gambling dens are currently in the game.
If you like MMORPGS and you dont want to be stressed 100% of the time and you also want to do other things (like relaxed drinking your tea) underwhile and you still want to be enjoyed a 100% go play this game!