User Rating: 7 | Horizons: Empire of Istaria PC
If you have played many MMORPGs then the addictiveness of said games is probably gone. Personally I have played around 8 MMORPGs, which most MMORPG gamers have probably heard of. As far as Horizons goes, it's a mediocre game. I would say that it's on the same level as every other MMORPG that's out there right now. The one problem that may seperate it from a few of the others is that you can't really get submerged in the game. You can read Greg Kasavin's review for details about that. If you do read his, then keep this in mind: Many of the problems that Horizons sufferes from are in ALL of the other MMORPGs. Really what I'm getting at is if you want to play an MMORPG, Horizons isn't as bad as Kasavin's review makes it seem, when compaired to other MMORPGs that is. Play Horizons if you want a good crafting system and if you have played most of the other MMORPGs out right now. Otherwise, like others have said: Wait until something actually different comes out.