The complete edition is a must have for those who never played it before.

User Rating: 10 | Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition PS4

I typically don’t review ‘complete editions’ or ‘directors cuts’ if I have already played the base game but this is worth a full recommendation and review.

If you’ve never played Horizon Zero Dawn, this is the best way to experience it. The main game is pretty long, about 22 or so hours if you’re just here for the campaign, double that if you decide to do everything it has to offer. The disc also includes the DLC, which adds another 8-10 hours of content and it’s DLC that really should be played to completion. The DLC almost feels more of a sequel than just an add-on. It has depth, complexity, gives a great challenge and has a very good self-contained story that just works with the concepts in Horizon Zero Dawn.

The story of Horizon Zero Dawn is excellent, it’s well written, has plenty of twists and turns. The DLC adds on to it, it’s a self-contained story and I’m surprised they just didn’t put a year or so more work into it and call it a sequel but what they did is fantastic. The story of the Frozen Wilds isn’t as good as the original but it doesn’t have to be. It was engaging and the characters were very interesting. The side quests also had a serious amount of depth to it and really helped extend the length but also give it quality content. Despite the few ‘errands’ that were introduced, every side quest didn’t feel out of place at all and was unique in their own right. I’d highly suggest playing through each one.

Same with the main story of Horizon Zero Dawn. Each side quest has its own weight to it. Yes, there are fetch quests, called ‘errands’ as I had stated before but those don’t really add too much, the side quests do make for a compelling reason to complete each one.

The gameplay is very good. The DLC makes it harder in the territory but it’s a welcome challenge. It recommends not starting until level 30, unless you’re a good player it might be better to do a playthrough, and then do the content, or start it as a New Game + which was a great feature that was added to Horizon Zero Dawn post-release. The gameplay is very well refined and exciting. There are plenty of opportunities to have excellent battles and when you're going against multiple types of enemies at once, it becomes incredible and one of the best moments in gaming.

The graphics are beautiful. The base game and the DLC look incredible with near perfection to their look. I noticed a little blurriness going on after a dialog session starts but that seems to be a concession the developers made to make it look so good and run great. I have a PS4 pro and this game is an argument to get one. It does run fine on a baseline PS4 though with a 1080p TV but the PS4 pro does have checkerboard rendering at 4k and with a good 4k TV looks great.

The voice acting is top notch but I noticed a quality boost in the DLC. It wasn’t bad by any means and still an excellent cast but they got my favorite voice actor to show up, Liam O’Brien so that was a huge plus.

I already reviewed Horizon Zero Dawn. Is the complete edition worth it if you already played it? Not really. If you have Horizon Zero Dawn, you’re better off just buying the DLC if you still have it. If you played, beat Horizon Zero Dawn and want to experience it again, maybe you sold the copy or for whatever reason don’t have it anymore, it does make sense.

This is mostly for those who have never played Horizon Zero Dawn before and want to see what it’s about. This edition is the definitive edition and well worth the asking price. For the content, quality of content and the addition of an excellent DLC which could’ve easily been its own standalone game if it was a little longer I can confidently give this compilation a 10/10. Is it perfect? No. Horizon Zero Dawn has a few issues, such as a lack of boss fights but the base game is so good, the addition of the Frozen Wilds really makes this well worth the money.

Unless you hate third-person action RPG’s that have a focus on shooting bows or hate a great story and great gameplay, I see no reason to not pick this up. Both Horizon Zero Dawn and it’s DLC should be played by everyone who owns a PS4.