Robot's it is!

User Rating: 8 | Horizon Zero Dawn PS4

When I saw the previews for this game I was already amazed from what I saw. But then again most previews I see I like since they show the best of the game. But this game was just so good that i ended up getting platinum on it on the ps4. This game coming from a company that I will say has very little experience with games like this did a heck of a job on there first one. The combat in this game is so fluid and you have to use different bows and arrows depending on what you are fighting. Plus with the different outfits that benefit you during your combat, I was amazed! The graphics were just stunning and I was very surprised to see that the fps stayed pretty steady for such a beauty of a game. I really think the only complaint I really have for this game was the story. Now the story was still amazing to say the least. I also didn't feel a very good connection between other characters. But overall still a superb game!