Having a hook up your ass is better than this game

User Rating: 1.5 | Hook NES
Oh, no... Hook
This game is so horrible compared to the SNES version, and I hate it so much, and I'll tell you why

The gameplay could have been at least decent, if they fixed the crappy controls a little bit, and also if they fixed the AWFUL hit detection! Your hitbox is HUUUUUGE compared to the hitbox of the enemies, and guess what you have against your enemies? Well, you just have a sword that's as big as Peter Pan's dick (let's say... two millimeters), and when you try to hit an enemy, HE always seems to hit YOU first.

The graphics of the map may look nice, but when you see the in-game graphics, you will juse PUKE. Your character looks UGLY (yes, uglier than the actual Peter Pan), the enemies are ugly too, and the worst thing in the game is the WATER! Argggh, the water! It's just BLUE, it's just a BLUE TILE. Even in 1942 (made in 1985), you game some kind of TEXTURE on the water, and NOT in this game made in **** 1991!!! And you know what the worst part is? The graphics of the COMMODORE 64 version are better than those of the NES version!

SOUND 3/10 The music may be decent, but the sound effects are HIDEOUS. Especially when you fall. The music definitely is the best part of the game, but because even Sony Imagesoft/Ocean knew their game was complete garbage, the gave you an option of turning the music OFF!

FUN 0/10
Did Sony Imagesoft really think collecting CUPCAKES and stuff in order to finish a level is fun?
Did they also think having Tink flying over the text while you're reading it is fun?
I had NO FUN playing this game!

This game is ABYSMAL Even for a Movie-Based game.
If you like Movie-Based games, stick to those made by Sunsoft such as Batman, Batman RotJ and Gremlins 2