Decent side scroller

User Rating: 6.5 | Hook GEN
Hook has almost nothing to do with the movie it is based on. It consist of the most random levles full of the most random and frustrating enameys ever in a game. You play as Peter Pan only now your old and have to return back to never land to get back your kids, other than fighting Hook at the end thats were the simulairtys with the game and the movie end. In the game you'll go from point A to Point B taking on wierid enameys. It's hard to play at first you pirty much have to remeber the patterns of them to get past. This is were some gamers will lose interst. The game fails to keep you palying and makes it easy to just turn off and forget. The boss fights are no better. They consist of some stupid pattern that you need to get down to pass. Think of it as Act Raiser light.Having a weak health system,check point system, and a sword really dose not help. One of the best parts of the game is were you die and Peter turns back to his fat older self it's a bit funny at first. The sega cd version is by far the best version with music from the sound track (even thoe it's really out of place0 and some fmv and 3D images. Finally the worst part of the game theres no save so you have to beat it in one sitting and really who's gonna do that.