*****HOOK, Line, and a MAJOR SINKER*****

User Rating: 7 | Hook SNES
The game Hook, based on the movie of the same name, is one of the good movie to game titles. Although only loosely based on the movie, it wasn't just made for game rights and money. Hook is a great action/adventure game. The main reason this game is so great is because Peter must find his way through Neverland all the way to Hook's ship. Get ready for some awesome side-scrolling action!

Hook allows the player to take control of Peter Pan and traverse 10 relatively long stages. Thankfully, the trademark ability to fly for short amounts of time has been included and made replaying stages more bearable. The game can be finished in one sitting (and without a save feature was fully intended to be) but it is annoying if you want to play a certain stage or take a break and play a different game. The stage designs range from a constantly straight moving stage in the tree tops to a cavernous cave that gives minimal rewards for exploration (eg health restorative items, a life). There are two varieties of weapon in the game; dagger or sword. The sword easily being the better of the two follows suit of the Master Sword in Link to the Past. It shoots beams out to attack enemies at long range, but the first damage you take renders you sword-less and fending off enemies with a measly dagger. Although the game isn't hard through the most part, it is certainly more fun to be blasting enemies at long range with the sword. Hook's general difficulty is relatively easy, but occasionally the game delivers a fast ball that makes things a little harder for the player that may enrage younger gamers or those with little patience.

The graphics are cartoony rather than realistic, the characters bear little if any resemblance towards their actual movie characters. However, this could be seen as a good thing in many respects. The stages are all generic platformer graphics style; nothing outrageously fantastic or terrible. Smaller details are nice to notice, but not nearly enough to keep one interested if graphics are the thing they are after.

However, the area where this game really shines is the music. Sony realized that one of the best parts of the film was John Williams' orchestral soundtrack. So, much of the music from the movie has been re-created for the game. The music truly takes advantage of the SNES' stereo sound capabilities, giving a very dramatic and symphonic feel that perfectly captures the mood of every level. At the time, I thought this was the best music I had heard the SNES produce. The sound effects are strong as well. From the forceful clanging of Peter's sword, to the realistic roars of the tiger enemies, it gets you involved.

Overall, this game really blows, it doesn't live up to the awesome movie its made after but honestly, what game does? So if your a super collector of all Hook realted crap, you can find this realitively common game at pretty much any used game corner, otherwise, go spend your five bucks on 3 double cheese burgers, medium fries and a coke at McDonalds!