Great Idea. A nice new take on an old concept

User Rating: 8.1 | Nounai Kakusei Honeycomb Beat DS
Once again I feel that GS have been overly harsh on an inovative DS game that makes good use of the touch screen. Honeycomb Beat is a nice little puzzle game that starts off a touch on the easy side and then hits you with some real tough stuff. Basic game play is touch (or beat) a hexagon and it changes colour (flips) as do all the hexagons touching it. In puzzle mode the idea is to make the entire image presented turn white within the prescribed number of beats. There are some 200 of these, enough to keep you going for a while. The second mode is a more "Tetris" style game with the honeycomb grid moving up the screen, the idea being to turn a whole row the same colour to make is disappear. Extra points are earned if you manage to do several consecutive rows the same colour (not necessarily as a multiple).
The design on the top screen, music and second colour of the honeycombs are configurable and playing through the modes opens more options up. This is a nice touch and some of the designs are pretty cool.
In a nut shell this is a must have for fans of puzzle games and equally a good starting point for people new to the genre, since the first few puzzles are pretty simple and encourage you to keep going.
With it's $20 price tag it's certainly worth every penny.