Massively Addictive, couldn't put it down!

User Rating: 7.5 | Nounai Kakusei Honeycomb Beat DS
After spending hours (and hours!) on end swearing and throwing my ds across the room as honeycomb beat's evolution mode beat me yet again I realise i'm hooked.

With two game modes i got the first impression that i would get bored quickly with this game, yet i get a thrill out of collecting new wallpapers, colours and visualations by completing the simple to impossibly insane puzzle mode. Out of the two modes my favours definately weavered to the evolution mode; fast paced action racing against the clock to beat those evil little honeycomb! Never have i had a drive to complete a puzzle game, yet evolution mode taunted me until i finally conquered it.

A great game for the casual gamer or a present for the quick-minded.