Follow Connor, Wait for a cutscene.

User Rating: 3 | Homefront PC
1. They just keep coming and coming and coming...
2. Follow Connor.
3. You never know where are they shooting from, regardless the damage pointer.
4. Follow Boone.
5. There is no mission that does not begin with putting a wrecked cabinet to unblock a door.
6. Follow Rihanna... and Britney Spears...
7. OMG, the enemies actually fall when they get shot. Anywhere.
8. Follow Connor again.
9. Wait for a cut scene.
10. Follow Goliath
11. Follow Connor.
12. Wait for a cut scene.
13. Follow Connor.
14. Follow Connor.
15. Follow Connor.
16. Follow Connor.
17. Wait for a cut scene.
18. Shoot until they stop coming (if ever)
19. Die without seeing anyone killing you.

Congratulations. If you have read the little review, you have just completed the game and saved 49,99€

Man I'm glad PC games have cracks.