Generic FPS

User Rating: 5.5 | Homefront PC
Let's do some simple math. Q and A.

50$ per game. 5 hours of single player campaign, e.i. $10 per one hour of gameplay. The campaign in this game is even shorter than in the recent disastrous Medal of Honor game.

Q- But wait, there is multiplayer!

A. Yes, indeed there is...

Q.- And this multiplayer more than makes up for the laughably short single player campaign, right?

A. Not exactly. You will most likely find yourself playing the multiplayer a few times and then get bored. In all likelihood, you will start playing some other game in your possession after you die a few times in a row playing the campaign.

Q. But wait, the point of the multiplayer is so that you could maximize on the money you have spent on the game so you could come back to play again, again and again.

A. Yes, that is one of the main concepts of the multiplayer, especially competitive multiplayer. However, this game does not have one. Battlefield Bad Company did it right a year ago so why deviate from the concept? And why no destructible environments and pretty textures?

Q. Isn't the voice acting great or at least bearable?

A. It is neither. It is barely passable. The voice acting is either bland and idiotic or it is too forced and unrealistic.

Q. Tell us about the main character.

A. You mean the mute uncharismatic person that casts no shadow and has no legs and who is nothing but a couple of arms holding a gun that is floating around doing constant errands for the resistance that lay back and stay behind? what about him?

Q. But what of the few exciting and original moments?

A. Well, by the time you experience the few amount of those moments, your opinion about the game is pretty much shaped.

Q. But what about the single player story and the amazingly refreshing concept?

A. Yes, the story is somewhat interesting, for the first hour or so. The story even manages to make sense on occasion, however after the first couple of hours you will find that you just want to finish the game as quickly as possible.

Q. But what about the game play itself, doesn't it distinguish itself from other shooters?

A. No, it does not.

Q. One of the main thing that concerns me in FPS genre is whether the cross hair could be turn off. Please tell me, is that the case in this game?

A. Absolutely not. 90% of games are designed for the console people and since they already have a hard time competing with the sensitivity of the mouse in FPS games, there is no reason to give the option to turn off the giant crosshair that takes up half the screen thus ruining immersion.

Q. But what about the graphics?

A. What about the graphics?

Q. But what about shooting guns and stuff?

A. You mean shooting mostly assault rifles that sound like toy guns producing no recoil? You mean being able to easily kill 5 AI's (supposedly trained Korean invaders) in a row without breaking a sweat? I am not even mentioning the invisible walls and we saw them plenty in the last MOH.

Q. Ok then, but what about the game in general, seeing as it is a new release and all? After all, this is THQ: the company that published S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Metro 2033, Frontline: Fuel of War, as well as the overrated Red Faction:Guerliia, the Darksiders, etc..

A. Well, Bob. Just because THQ published those games doesn't mean THQ has developed those games. You should be careful when you pick a game after being excited about seeing the title of a Big Distributor company. I know I will be more careful next time...