A very engaging short single player and a good if somewhat too small multi-player effort.

User Rating: 8.5 | Homefront PC
This is a solid effort from Kaos and THQ. It is not perfect, but does well. The single-player is easy to pick up and has an engaging story. It is not too long, but as others have said it leaves you wanting more. And although it is short this is hardly a reason to rate the game down as most games that also have multi-player have a somewhat truncated single-player these days.

The gunplay is quite good. By good I mean easy to pick up and aiming does work much of the time, but is not required close in. I found myself annoyed by snipers who could aim and kill me too quickly at relatively short distances, but I am always annoyed by snipers, unless I am one. (The overuse of that class is one of the main issues with games like BFBC2) But I digress. The maps look good and the sound is good as well. Graphics are also good. But GOOD is as far as I will go. Some will gush over the sound and graphics in this game. I can say the sound did not get in the way, but I was not amazed by it either, which is how I also feel about the graphics. I am very tired of dx 9 games! I know this is what we get for the PC, but it really needs to be said that the textures and lighting effects are not as good in dx9. So what you find are well crafted artistic set-pieces that use lots of tricks to make the game look more graphically modern than it is. AGAIN the game looks good, but could look so much better.

Still the great new is that the games runs perfectly. No issues with lag or rubber banding and my ping was great. It is nice to have a game that works well from day one and should only improve.

As for the game overall I think it is very solid, but lacks a breadth of options in the multi-player arena. Yes battlepoints are a nice concept and the system is easy to use and does not slow down gameplay, but there is no hardcore mode for the game and limited multi-player gametypes. Still the gametypes on offer are solid and fun to play. I would recommend people get this game.

And to the person who gave the game a 1.0 really? You are a child... probably literally. This game may not be what you wanted, but a 1.0 would mean it was not even playable and actually popped a statement on the screen telling you "you are a loser for buying this HAHAHAHA" 1.0 is not a review it is a tantrum.