Even if it will disappoint you, I suggest to give it a shot.

User Rating: 6 | Homefront PC
The first half of the game will surely disappoint you with boring and simple missions, you will merely shoot few enemies and move forward. It is that bad, because shooting is worst part of this game, you move your rifle as slow as turret, even making a sensitivity higher won't help out. Apart of that drawback a game has it's rebellion atmosphere, you will actually feel as rebellion who fights enemy army, which occupies your country. So the story is proper, but that is not enough to be a good game, especially a shooter with bad shooting gameplay. Though there is a good variety of weapons, no knife, but rpg and sniper rifle, which you will use depending on mission's objective. Also the heavy fire will do your rebellion mate's constructed light tank Goliath and you will have a remote control to target enemy to eliminate them. It could be more fun, if you would get a full driving control of it, but anyway it's ok. Later on you will even fly a helicopter, easy to control it and of course fun to destroy enemy humvees and tanks. That's all presents only in a few last chapters, where you will get a plenty of fights, otherwise it would be a plain game. Graphics and sounds are the pros of this game, which highs up a rating of it a bit. I hope developers of Homefront will learn from they mistakes and bring a better game next time. I'll give it 6 of 10 only because of the last chapters.