Good Bye Call of Duty, Hello Homefront!

User Rating: 10 | Homefront X360
Fresh approach to single player campaign. Immersing story and tight gameplay makes for a breath of fresh air in a FPS genre over saturated with military shooters. Multiplayer is fast, addictive and for the most part, well balanced. Homefront builds on fundamental mechanics pioneered by call of duty and battlefield and adds in its own innovation.

Battle Commander and the Battle Point System work well and reward players who cap flags, protect objectives and so on. It is refreshing to not have to camp to achieve rewards like air strikes and helicopters.

The graphics are vibrant and very detailed and the sound design is a welcomed change. It is a nice to feel atmosphere through the use of sound effects and dialogue as opposed to the heroic action movie soundtrack found in most modern shooters.

Definitely the start of a strong and influential franchise.