This game is like a compilation of ubisoft games, with the bugs and everything but it lacks the fun factor out of them.

User Rating: 1 | Homefront: The Revolution PC

The Idea is great, open world, liberate posts buy and upgrade weapons, it is repetitive yea but so is farcry and assassin's creed and watchdogs and division but I had fun playing these games nonetheless.

This however has a really bad shooting gameplay, weapons animations deviate more into cartoonish, weapons recoil is snappy and oh the mouse acceleration is bad, so bad and u have one overall sensitivity option and when ADS sensitivity levels are higher than when just looking.

This little gameplay issue made the game really annoying to play, although I found a setting that works for me I was still feeling annoyed while playing and with the story being okay not that bad but not that intriguing and gameplay being repetitive I got bored real bad and I can't continue it.

Graphics are good but I would expect better graphics since they are working on cryEngine and I haven't encountered any critical bugs. But hey I played more hours on this than I played on the first, I think on their 10th release I'll be able to finish the game.