User Rating: 3 | Homefront: The Revolution PS4
I honestly couldn't get through the third mission without banging my head on the wall. Homefront: The Revolution has a fantastic concept; as a renegade myself, I bypassed my usual ritual of checking the reviews before snatching up the game. As soon as I put it in my console and booted up, however, I was severely disappointed. The gamer is thrown into an entirely too long intro sequence at first, with little gameplay between it and the next cutscene. Characterwise, the developers were trying too hard to be gritty with the sadistic torturer (who threatens to cut off the player's nipples). Aside from that, every character was lackluster and two-dimensional. It was hard to remember their names because they weren't... memorable. The environment was interesting to look at for a while, but with the deplorable camera mechanics it quickly became nausea-inducing. My head is still burning. As I said before, the concept of the game is great, though very poorly executed.