Worth A Buy Now

User Rating: 7 | Homefront: The Revolution PC

I had this on my backlog for a long time and was in no rush to play it due to bugs and performance issues early on. I recently played through it and the first two DLC campaigns. I got to say that this game is pretty good and I am glad the developer stuck with it and kept improving the game. This was nice to see after the publisher made the stupid decision to rush its release. Dambuster Studios is a talented developer and it is a shame that they were not given the opportunity to release the game in a proper state. Most of the bugs are gone now, but the game could still use some more optimization. I have a beast rig and G-Sync, so it was not too bad for me.

The graphics, presentation, combat, characters, and overall atmosphere/immersion are well done. I liked watching the NPC interactions and dialogue. There were a lot of nice little touches to make you feel like you are part of the resistence and it gave you a good sense of the people's struggle against the KPA. The weapon customization was excellent. I recommend converting the assault rifle into an LMG and then going Rambo on the enemies. The fully upgraded auto shotgun is just savage up close too. Good times. :)

I wish there was more mission variety and a little bit better design for the main campaign missions. They did a good job with the DLC missions as they were more focused and better presented. If they could incorporate those type of missions into the open world design of the game, then the game would be really good. I didn't care for the grinding of the 'Hearts and Minds' missions. Basically, the game forces you to do a certain amount of side missions/tasks before you can progress to each area. This was a poor decision.

Anyway, this game is definitely worth getting now and I give it a solid 7/10. I look forward to the Beyond The Walls expansion as it seems like they are going to do something similar to Dying Light: The Following. They would be smart to reboot the game with an Enhanced Edition as well. The fixed game with all the DLC would be an attractive package that would be easy to recommend.