Great Game! Hours of Campaign!

User Rating: 9 | Homefront: The Revolution PS4
I was a fan of the original Homefront and played regularly online. Man I miss that multiplayer game. Too bad THQ succumbed to its own poision it was trying to feed gamers. I felt I was more of a victim than a gamer as they sold me a game then shut the servers down soon after because they went belly up. Now for the game.... First I was not happy with this game because I had no idea what I was doing. The controls were confusing and what I was suppose to do in the game was anybodys guess. The cell phone really had little explanation other than "Here it is, go use it." I steadily learned on the fly and was able to whoop some butt. The most confusing part was how to switch explosives to get the one needed. Once I mastered gameplay the fight was on and the real enjoyment began. This game is good for several hours of gameplay in the caimpaign. It a "free world" where you can roam, kill, and scavenge for whatever you need. The enemies are not stupid but you can outflank them with some skill and agility. You are going to have to get creative to reach some of the areas of the game in order to capture points and objectives. Only once did I have to seek help online to get to one of the objectives. All in all this is a great game. I was not only entertained but I played for hours on end at each sitting. I felt like it was up to me to do my part to stop the enemy and push back at every opportunity presented to me. And boy I did! I took every opportunity to sneak up on unsuspecting soldiers to slit their throats. I sniped from various perches when the opportunity presented itself. But mainly I blazed through squads of bad guys with my auto shotgun that obliterated them with the thunderous fury of a Saiga 12! To top it all off, the music score is quite fitting and well composed. I can't wait for the next game!!!