Fans of the genre, rejoice!

User Rating: 9 | Home PC
I'll be honest. I don't own a powerful computer, instead, I have a tiny netbook. That's why any low-requirement game catches my eye, but... here we have Home. I've been pretty interested in the indie market recently and Home is a rare jewel. If you're expecting real thrills, scary voices, gore or a little girl with a lot of hair, you'll be disappointed. STOP READING NOW.

You're still here? Great. Home is all about story and atmosphere. It sucks you into it's dark world from the first time you hit the Spacebar. It's only you and your flashlight 'til the ending credits. With no other help, you explore diverse areas, going from criptic forest to an abandoned store, accompanied by almost no music, only great sound effects and the excellent pixelated style. Throughout the game, you'll be asked YES/NO certain times (Did I picked the handgun? Did I jumped off the broken ladder, or did I find another way out?), and all this choices affect how you see the events, on-screen and off-screen. It's very immersive, and there are some good scares. The game lasts no more than 1 hour, but it's fine, because that's not even a quarter of the time you'll spend thinking about it's enigmatic (perhaps to enigmatic) story, and it will keep you wandering "What if..."
Not many games, but their big budgets get this, and that's a hell of an example of what kind of experience Home offers. Besides it works on my tiny netbook!

Sorry if there are any misspelled words, but I'n still practising my english. Thanks for reading.