Home will not be liked by everyone, but it should be.

User Rating: 8.5 | Home PC
Home is a hard game to talk about, basically its a choose your own adventure that evolves by what you interact with in the game, do I search this dresser for clues? Do I pick up this photo from the ground? Two very simple choices from the first minutes of the game that may or may not have a lasting impact on part or all of the story as you continue.

Almost everything about the game carves it into a niche category that has to fit with what you can accept from a game, I'm sure it will be hard for a lot of people to look past this list:

Super Retro graphics? Check.
Only about 2 hours long at most, with no saving? Check.
Confusing, complicated and very ambiguous and vague story? Check.
Minimalistic controls? Check.
Simple puzzles that really are not trying to stump you at all? Check.

However; Home is more of an exercise into your imagination than anything else. When I look at games like chrono trigger, final fantasy VI (III), Lone Survivor and so on, I don't see retro graphics, my imagination fills those sprites and they come alive in my mind. Home not only does that with its graphics but in a huge way with its story.

So far I've played about 6 hours and finished the game three times. In unbelievably different ways. The game tracks nearly everything you do or don't interact with and a lot of what you are told by the game changes drastically.
A large part of the story is completely left open for you to choose and decide on yourself... your mind (with a good amount of input from the game) is where the story materializes.

Its truly an amazing effect, don't we all whine about our choices in games not having enough of an impact? Well in Home those choices don't just have implications, those choices literally build the story line and the ending.

Home is also genuinely creepy and has a few good jump scares, but not enough to become annoying or overused. It's a game that requires a definite amount of emotional input from the player to fully enjoy, if you find yourself caring about characters is movies, books or games... rooting for them, crying for them, and so on, I am positive you will get something with your time with Home.

My heart was pounding as I reached the climax of the game.

All that... and I still want to play more... from a $2.99 game.

It's a brilliant thing, and I can't wait to see more from this developer... and play more Home, making different choices again and again and again.