Home's a very linear point-and-click adventure, it's short, and meant to leave you with more questions than answers.

User Rating: 6 | Home PC
(No Spoilers!)

I played Home just as it said you should -- in the dark, with headphones on. I think different people playing this game will immerse themselves differently... Home's use of old-skool 80's graphics creates a nice game world where your brain is meant to fill in the details. I went with them, followed the story (more on that below), and ultimately, said... "meh".

It's an interesting premise for a game -- you wake up in a strange house, all alone, and begin exploring the world, trying to piece together what has happened, and also, who you even are... It's ambitious, and leaves much of the story telling up to you and your decisions. I can't describe how or why without ruining it. For a $2.50 Steam sale, it was worth a go, but ultimately, I left the game feeling like it wasn't that impactful. If you search Google for "ANOTHER 20 GAMES THAT MAKE YOU THINK ABOUT LIFE" you'll find more compelling choices, in my opinion.

Still, I applaud the authors, and think the chance was worth taking. Just didn't work for me -- it might for others.

The good:
+ Cool 8 bit graphics leave details to your imagination
+ Atmospheric sound and music
+ Neat concept of storytelling

The bad:
- Just lacked the impact that I was hoping for...