You will scream like Kevin did if you play this game..

User Rating: 4 | Home Alone NES
This is my review for Home Alone for the NES, I will sum up each section briefly by giving a simple description followed by a rating of 1 out of 10. I will do this for all of my future reviews.

Wow, these were pretty bad from what I remember. If the title didn't say "Home Alone" I probably wouldn't have known that was what this game was based off of. Kevin's sprite is way off, he is shown wearing a pair of manila pants, black shoes and black shirt, I honestly don't recall him ever wearing that in the movie. Marv looks like Abe Lincoln in a full green suit and Harry...well...I'm not even sure. But it bares no resemblance whats so ever to Joe Pesci. The McCallisters also should hire a better decorator, as the inside of their home in this game is pretty atrocious.
Score: 5.1/10

The object of the game is to avoid being caught by the Wet Bandits (Harry and Marv) until the police come and save the day, which is in 20 minutes. To avoid them you must collect traps which are displayed as small square boxes with little pictures in them and place them around the house. Each one knocks Harry and Marv out for a different amount of time. The most powerful traps are the chandeliers which takes excellent timing to use and the television, each trap can only be used a certain amount of times before it vanishes completely, it gets weaker and weaker with each use. Another way to avoid them is by hiding behind certain things of the house, such as the Christmas tree, dressers and beds. You cannot stay in one place for long as eventually they will find you hiding there.

Not only can you hide out in the house, but you can also hide out in the basement and Kevin's tree house from the movie. My biggest complaint about this game also is when Kevin ascends and descends the stairs, he sometimes gets stuck for no reason and even when he isn't stuck he moves at the rate of a slug while Harry and Marv can sprint up them. I'm sure that once you beat this game and get the very disappointing and lackluster ending you won't play it again.
Score: 6.5/10

There are only three songs in this whole game, the title screen music, the game over music and the in-game music. The songs are okay, not bad and not great, putting it lightly I've heard worse music in games. However I am pretty positive that you will be hearing the game over song repeatedly, oddly enough you even hear it when you beat the game and get the ending!
Score: 5.9/10

The controls for the most part are alright, however like I mentioned before even though I have played this game countless times I can never figure out for sure how exactly you descend the stairs at a fast pace.
Score: Passable.

-Final thoughts-
Lackluster graphics and bland soundtrack that is followed up with a unique game engine that suited the movie it was based off of. I want to say that the game is terrible, but it isn't all that bad, I've played worse movie based games. Aside from the stairs issue, there is a bug that can occur at times, there are times that either Harry or Marv will randomly get stuck on the pipe of the side of house while climbing up or down it.

Final Score: 4.0