The perfect Metroidvania. The only game that took the best from the past and left none of the worst.

User Rating: 10 | Hollow Knight PC

There is not much i can say about this game other than the fact this it is the most accomplished metroidvania styled game i have ever played.It was soo good that i ended up playing it all day for 3 days straight. A perfect metroidvania with perfect game mechanics, replayability and story which is borderline existential.

The best way to describe hollow knight is to take a boiling pot. Add the storyline of Dark souls + Tim Burtons a Night before christmas + the mechanics of castlevania and metroid + the boss mechanics of megaman and stir the pot. After cooling, you get hollow knight, the perfect hybrid of all genres.

The game feels dark and mysterious with a very interesting world which leaves us wanting more. As you get deeper into the story you start realizing that the story line revolves more around dark souls giving a whiff of existentialism and hidden pieces of a broken storyline. The dream catching element makes it even more mysterious>

This game is probably one of the best platformers I have ever played. Words cannot describe how addicted I was to the entire experience.

My dream game.. took 3 days of my life and changed it into a blissful experience..