Where's the love?

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It's really sad that this game is getting no love from the media. It's a superbly crafted Metroidvania, the combat and challenge is just right and the world building and NPCs are extremely likable. The game just happened to come out in an unfortunate release window, but it deserves so much more attention than it's been getting.

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Hollow Knight is literally the best game I've ever played. I loved it more than Metroid or Symphony of the Night. Even more than Dark Souls (battles in 2d environment are easier to comprehend for me than 3d).

Explore. Get lost. Jump on your enemies. Slash, dodge, parry. Meet cute characters. Fight difficult bosses. Uncover the cryptic lore.

I've finished a 100% walkthrough (took 40+ hours) a few days ago and immediately started a new game. I just do not want this experience to end.

The design decision about not initially having a map is questionable, but it worked for me personally. After some time I just remembered the locations.

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This, the game is really really good, and comparing it to Ori isn't fair at all, they are both great hand drawn metroidvanias and shouldn't be fighting for the number one spot. And the lack of media coverage is disheartening for sure, the only main stream site to review it doesn't give a good look (even though PC gamer said it was the most beautiful hand drawn game they'd ever played which should count for something). BUT if you look at the steam reviews and it shows that this is a great game worth a play through if you love the genre.

And on the map design decision, it was a little hard to get used to at first but i think it really just goes with the theme of the game to where you really have to work for everything you have and nothing good comes easy.

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PC Gamer finally reviewed it, and gave it a pretty high score. After spending a wonderful 23 hours with this gem, I was surprised it didn't absolutely explode with popularity. Even after all of that time, I still found my jaw on the floor and consciously surprised that there were still more, substantial surprises in store for me. The game is a Game of the Year contender, no question.